Agriculture and tourism aircraft leasing with the client first in mind

Bryan started OUL in 2004 after seeing a niche in the New Zealand market. He noticed that operators needing aircraft leasing solutions were being charged extortionate fees for wet and dry leasing and that their needs were simply not being met.

Despite heading up a car dealership, he always had a love for flying and wanted to get into the aviation field. He saw a gap in the market to provide a full, turn-key, and affordable leasing solution to the agriculture and tourism industry.

By buying and tailoring the configuration of specific aircraft for each unique customer, he realised that he could drastically reduce the cost of operations for existing operators who would otherwise have to buy their machines.

Bryan took the company forward and began purchasing crop sprayers custom-made for the agriculture industry. OUL, therefore, became New Zealand’s leading provider of agriculture aircraft and crop spraying leasing.


Personalised Leasing Procedures

Bryan deals with each customer personally and on a case-by-case basis. He understands that every single customer has different needs and will follow different procedures.

The contracts are signed on a case-by-case basis, with operators agreeing to a 30-hour per month minimum standard. Each client is guaranteed a personalised, and tailored service, and will be dealing with Bryan directly throughout the agreement.

With all of the tools and technology, as well as all of the equipment being stored on-site to configure the aircraft, you are guaranteed all-in-one service and nose-to-tail perfection when leasing your aircraft from OUL.



All-In-One Tourism Aircraft Leasing

If you are looking for specific aircraft leases for your tourism business, OUL will configure an aircraft for your unique needs.

Provide your clients luxurious air transport with our tailored leasing programmes.

From luxurious leather interiors to fully equipped cockpits, we ensure that you receive the highest quality aircraft when leasing with us.



Tailored Agriculture Aircraft Leasing

We supply a wide variety of aircraft to meet your unique agricultural needs. We have worked closely with the industry to understand all of your unique needs and provide all of the necessary equipment to meet your needs.

Our aircraft ensure the following:

  • Better coverage, especially important in forestry spraying.
  • No trampling of crops.
  • Advanced GPS technology for accuracy and precision.
  • No ruts are made in the fields.
  • Fast application in large areas.