Seamless aircraft leasing for your tourism and agricultural needs

OUL is New Zealand’s largest aircraft leasing company, dedicated to the agriculture and tourism industries. A one-stop shop for all of your leasing needs, OUL is dedicated to providing tailored aircraft solutions for all of your needs.

Highly Personalised

Every customer has different needs, and will be guaranteed a personalised, tailored service.

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Affordable Leasing

Turn-key, affordable leasing solution for the agriculture and tourism industries.

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Large Fleet

We currently have a total of 17 turbine helicopters in operation in New Zealand.

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Tailored Configuration from a Large Fleet

We currently have a total of 17 turbine helicopters in operation in New Zealand consisting mainly of Airbus AS350B2’s.

You are able to specify your exact configuration needs, and we will ensure that your aircraft meets your needs. With our own in-house tooling and configuration set-up, we are able to ensure that each aircraft is specifically configured to your exact needs and keep you operating effortlessly.

Whether it is for tourism or agriculture, including crop-spraying capabilities, we have everything in-house to have your aircraft ready to go when you need it.

In fact, we are the only company to offer this highly specialised service!


Refurbished Aircraft, Ready for Your Use

We are constantly on the lookout for new aircraft to add to our fleet. Each new machine is brought in, treated and completely refurbished to meet our high standards. In fact, most of our aircraft are water-blast stripped to totally overhaul the aircraft, ready for your use. It is then prepared to be configured to a client’s specific needs.

So, should an agriculture operator lease the aircraft, specific crop sprayers can be added. Every aircraft however, is ASB equipped and has an Engine Filter (Particle Separator) installed.



Tourism Aircraft Leasing

We provide tailored aircraft for tourism operators. Each aircraft leased for tourism missions will come configured with the industry in mind. This will include leather interiors, as well as snow boots, dual front seats, and rear seats.

We know that you will want to put your client’s needs first, and provide them a VIP, luxurious experience.

Our aircraft have been carefully crafted to ensure that they meet global standards, and provide that extra, luxury experience for all pilots and passengers.



Agriculture Aircraft Leasing

We have worked closely with the agricultural industry, and know the needs of the industry. As agricultural aircraft are mainly used for aerial application, we supply all of the equipment necessary for crop dusting.

We understand that agricultural aircraft need to be reliable and very durable to stand up to the harsh environments flying close to crops and other structures such as telephone poles. This is why we ensure that our aircraft are kept in tip-top shape for our clients.

For agricultural missions, our aircraft are fitted with FM radios and comply with the Department of Forestry’s directive to be fitted with a camera. They will also be specifically equipped with spray equipment or a hydraulic cargo hook and mirror, dual front seats, Cem Track Maps, FM ,Radio and Seat Sliders.

You are guaranteed high-performance aircraft as we regularly trade older aircraft for newer models.